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Flowers and Watercolors

I’ve had a busy few months. I’ve been painting and creating but also taking it slow. I’ve had about 6 months off from the photography world and it has been so nice to have the opportunity to walk away for a bit and recharge my mind. Painting has helped me through the process.  I’ve had a lot of new developing things in my life since I last posted. First off, we are expecting another baby due in September of 2016. After our previous loss, it took a lot out of me emotionally and was a journey to get to a place that I felt comfortable and confident in sharing the news. I am also considered high risk so I’ve had a lot of extra appointments and blood work in order to make sure everything is ok. But I am so excited and thankful to know we are growing a healthy baby boy and can not wait to meet him. But shortly after making our pregnancy announcement public, my father passed away unexpectedly due to a heart attack. My world was once again shaken and I felt broken and confused. I just couldn’t envision my life without my dad being apart of it ( I still can’t). It broke my heart that my boys lost their grandpa and my new baby boy wouldn’t get a chance to meet him. During these past few months I have received an incredible amount of peace. I have trusted fully in God through out this journey and I am determined to continue to find joy and move forward. Which brings me to this new announcement. I have decided to open up 2017 for my photography. I am not planning on taking on too much, but just enough to get back into something I really enjoyed doing. I have separated my website and have decided to make Love Shalmai solely for my art and Sj2 Photo for my photography.

I have lots new stuff that I will be selling in the next couple of weeks. First I will be at the Makery Market in Goshen on May 21st and then I will be at the Madison Road Artisan Market on June 4th. Make sure to mark your calendars! I will be selling art prints, mugs, pillows, cards, and notebooks. I’ve been painting lots of new flowers and I am excited about how everything has turned out lately. Here is a little peek into whats been in the works!