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Baby Keim’s Cactus Nursery

Some of you may already know this but, we are currently awaiting the arrival of our new baby boy due on September 25, 2016. If you haven’t seen or heard much of me it has been due to the fact that with this pregnancy I decided to slow it down and not take much work. Coming from the healing of a previous pregnancy loss, I wanted to take it easy on my heart and not overwhelm my self with too much. I just can’t believe how I decided to follow what God had placed in my heart and I have been through so many instances that I thanked God for prompting me to slow it down. To be still. Shortly after announcing we were expecting a rainbow baby, my father and biggest supporter passed away. I share this because there are a few things in the nursery that have been placed in his honor. His loss was very out of no where, the word unexpected seems like an understatement. Our lives were shaken. My mom’s life was shaken. I decided to help her with as much as I could during this process. But due to that fact, I had little time to focus on art or photography. I was focusing on my mom, my sister, my boys and trying to keep my head above the waters enough to carry all this weight. Sometimes I was so overwhelmed that I forgot I was expecting. Sometimes I was so consumed with grief that I forgot to eat or drink water. Coming from loosing our previous baby, Silas, I was left in complete pieces. My heart shattered once again.

All I know is that by God’s grace I am currently sitting here, looking down at my 38week belly, knowing that I’ve made it. I survived. Some days my life still feels like a total wreck. Unsure on what’s to come and carrying now all these fears I didn’t know existed. I turn to prayer and my bible when I am feeling flustered and confused. I don’t always find exactly what I am looking for, but I do obtain some sort of peace and calmness in my heart. I am still here. And we are just over joyed by the blessing that is to come. I focused on getting the baby’s space ready. He will be sharing a part of our bedroom in the meantime.¬†Focusing on this new life, this new blessing, has helped me stay positive through it all. I know my dad was very excited to meet this baby and I know he is looking down smiling. I am sure his presence will be felt once this baby enters this world.

I fell in love with a watercolor cactus wall paper a while back. I knew I wanted to use cactuses as the theme. When my father passed away, I knew I wanted to incorporate some native pieces. My dad loved the native American culture. I remember visiting reservations with him all over the US. He collected dream catchers which he kept in his car. I immediately knew I wanted to find a beautiful dream catcher. It is believed that a feather in a dream catcher represents the loss of a loved one. At one of my showers, a dear friend gave me an art print of a dream catcher with the words from a last text I shared from my dad written on the print. I found a little teepee that I spray painted gold at an antique store and I have other pieces I would love add when we have the space. I wanted everything to have a modern feel so I was excited when I found the modern white crib that matched a previous vintage dresser I had found! Here are some photos!



I painted and designed both art prints above and the black and white pillow


Due to the limited space, I purchased the little metal cart to hold diapers and wipes.

Here is the art print! I wish you could read it but it says “Love you a lot… I mean, A lot!”


My mom attended one of my Dad’s favorite pow wow’s and got me these little hand made moccasins! Can’t wait to see baby in them!


My cactus print with little cactuses planted on little planters my mom and I painted together. I love the handmade cactus rattle and the handmade bunny made in Peru. And next to that is the antique teepee sculpture I happen to find!


I just love the dream catcher! I bought it from an artist on Etsy. And I love the cactus! It may or may not have pricked my butt while I was maneuvering around to take photos! And the cactus quilt was handmade and gifted to me by a friend.



This space although it is small, I just love it so much! I am beginning to get so anxious to hold this little one and to see him using this space. I hope you enjoyed viewing the images and I will update once baby Keim makes his entrance!